Suggestion: Let non-logged in users browse the top level grammer list

Small suggestion, I was trying to show my Japanese teacher what Bunpro covered and it would be nice if these top level grammer pages:
Could be accessed by non logged in users, so they could see what Bunpro covers more easily. (Not suggesting the actual grammar points, just the lists of covered grammar).
Would make it easier for people to tell if it’s useful to them.


This is one suggestion I actually support 100%. I have tried to show people what bunpro is all about several times only to be met with a log in screen. From a business perspective I think it makes it difficult for ‘word of mouth’ type recommendations.


Also to keep people from just copy pasting the grammar points you could do a random half in the English meaning and the other in the Japanese and not let them mouse over to see the difference.

This would allow people to browse without giving away all the sauce.