Tae Kim Path Problems

I have found that the way BunPro has ordered the lessons hasn’t really worked for me, as I need categories for grammar points. I’ve recently reset and started the Tae Kim path, as their explanations seem to be resonating with me the most.

However, it seems that the grammar categories in BunPro do not correspond to the grammar categories in Tae Kim and are in a completely different order. Do I misunderstand what paths are? Or has there been a mistake?

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In a way, everybody studies differently, right? Some follow books like Genki 1, Minna no Nihongo, Tae Kim etc. Paths are a great way to follow a book / website and find the corresponding grammar point in Bunpro and add it to review without searching too much. Bunpro can then be used as extra practice.

Personally I don’t use the “Study” option on Bunpro, I just find the grammar points that I want to study and manually add them for review. The best and worst thing about Bunpro is that its highly customizable! One can use Bunpro however they want. There is no “right” way.

Hope that helps. Bunpro is great but it may take some time to figure out your own way of using it :slight_smile:

For categories, maybe try to look up Kanzen Master and Nihongo So Matome books. They normally structure grammar points based on themes.


I was actually talking about that the Tae Kim grammar path in BunPro does not have the same grammar path as in Tae Kim.

Sorry if that was not clear.

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I’ve found this to be the case as well - I’ll go through the page that is relevant to a BunPro grammar point on Tae Kim and understand it, but then when I’m doing my reviews I am coming up against stuff that was not mentioned.

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I’ve also been coming across this problem. It was a very confusing time when I was looking everywhere in the chapter for がある

Ohh I see… Maybe because Tae Kim’s structure online has changed a bit over the years?..

(I saw this written by someone else too) Probably because Paths are a relatively new thing on Bunpro. In a way a lot of the sentences on Bunpro were written and adapted to built on top of each other based on Lessons and JLPT level… I can see how this can be a problem for beginners initially when starting out as basically there is this friction between a Path and Bunpro :frowning:


Just to check, are you using “Grammar Guide” in TK and not “Complete Guide”? It all looks like it matches to me.

Looking at it, they did a nice job…perhaps I’ll check this out more.


Ah! That’s it probably. Thank you so much.


still, doing the Taeking path? I might have found why the lessons don’t match with that path

So even if you choose a particular path you will be presented with the default Bunpro path, so you might be reviewing say particle は but with alongside with it, you might get a sentence with です.

The solutions:

  • Add your own sentences from the site since they will appear normally as your reviews.
  • There could be a way to compare the path we want to follow or part of that path to the default Bunpro path, something like: “if you want to take the Taeking path it could be useful if you take these other lessons from the default path”. it could show a graph telling us “following the current path you will cover 25% of the Bunpro path you might want to check those lessons too”

If anyone found any other solution pls share…

Another possible solution could be to let the community that’s taking a path to improve it adding its own sentences, they could be from the source if there are no copyrights issues.
(I might just take the default way hahaha I’ve just done 3 lessons and they are not difficult at all, it kinda feels weird if you’ve been already following another source but I think that’s normal it’s like going from one book to another one)


I’m finding that the biggest challenge is that Tae Kim saves being polite until their second grammar ‘book’ (essential, not basic), but Bunpro doesn’t seem to separate them.

This means that if you follow the path for SRS only, you get a lot of reviews for things you haven’t learnt yet.

For example, completing the State of Being chapter ‘unlocks’ じゃない. But the Bunpro reviews for じゃない are not just noun + casual. They’re noun, adjective, casual and polite.

For me, it’s resulted in an experience where Bunpro requires a lot of guess work (or tangental learning) until you’ve completed the ‘basics’ chapter and read the ‘essentials’ section on the polite form. Especially because there’s no way to “skip” a review.


Yes, I have noticed that some example sentences did use grammar points that I technically had not encountered yet, but since I had restarted from having ended N5 and N4, this is currently not an issue for me. However, maybe it would be wise to implement some filter, so that sentences that contain grammar points that are not learned yet will be removed or changed to a certain point?