The N2 vocab deck is broken

With all of the other vocab decks there is a sentence which will appear during review time and I really like that as it adds context which is super important for language learning. But for the N2 deck, the sentences don’t appear when it’s time for reviews; it’s just the word by itself with no context which is awful. If you check the page for each word you can see that they all have sentences. But the sentences in the N2 deck seem to be missing translations, and I assume that’s why the sentences don’t appear during review time.

I really don’t mind if the sentences are AI translated like the N1 deck is, I would rather have that than no sentences at all. Is there any way that this can be fixed quickly? I’m taking the N2 in July and I wanted to use Bunpro to help me prepare…


This is what the N5 and N4 vocab decks are like as well, but I thought that was normal.

The N1 deck has a lot of words with no example sentences. I’m assuming they’re planning to continue to add example sentences, but it takes time.
It would be nice if there was a feature where we could submit example sentences that they could proof-read, then add to the app if they are good.


The N5, N4, and N3 decks have sentences for most words which appear during review.

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All of the words I’m seeing have example sentences, they just don’t have translations. I ee that a lot of stuff in the N1 deck has translations from ChatGPT though, and I would be ok with that so long as I actually get a sentence.

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I too am taking the N2 in July and would love to see this fast tracked


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Good feedback.

We’ll be making posting about the state of these sentences in the coming days.


Awesome, thanks

I’d like to add a small comment here. I have Furigana turned off for the app, as I’m trying not to rely on it. This works great 95% of the time, but recently with N1 vocabulary it’s been a bit of a problem.

-many N1 words have the pitch accent included, which also includes the kana reading of the words. This is great!

-many N1 words do not have pitch accent included, which is fine, but this also means that the Kana readings are not included at all. This means for new words I’m learning I need to go to another site like Jisho to make sure I’m learning the pronunciation correctly.

 -this is especially problematic with many irregular kanji readings in N1. I need to look up each word to make sure it’s not an irregular reading. 

I would like to keep Furigana turned off on the app, so may I suggest that the Kana readings be included on all vocabulary cards, even when pitch accent is not included?

I’m not sure if I explained the situation properly, please feel free to ask me for clarification. Also should I make a new post about this instead? As this is technically a post about the N2 deck.

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In the meantime, you could try a browser plugin such as 10ten Japanese Reader or Yomitan, which will quickly bring up a dictionary popup from Jisho (with 10ten) or a custom one (with Yomitan). I personally use 10ten very frequently, dozens of times per day, saving me many lookups on Jisho. 10ten is simpler, Yomitan is more customizable. I have not used Yomitan myself, though.

10ten shows both the reading and also the pitch accent. It has various customization settings to tweak how these appear. I’m sure Yomitan has similar capabilities.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately I usually study on my phone using the BunPro app, so that won’t work. I really appreciate you trying to help me though. I usually get my reviews in while driving (as a passenger of course) or waiting for something.

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