The Polish Connection

I’ve noticed quite a few example sentences on here that reference Poland, the Polish language and Polish people. There was a sentence about a grandfather’s memories of Poland, a sentence about the Polish Steven Spielberg, a (factually correct) sentence that in Poland it’s considered rude to shake hands while sitting down, and now I saw this:

According to a certain manga artist, the Polish “Zawsze in love” is roughly equivalent to “forever in love”.

(Seeing “zawsze” in katakana was very interesting, by the way)

An English-based Japanese learning site is the last place I expected to see so many Polish-related references. Especially when they seem to outnumber references to other, more prominent or historically connected countries, languages and cultures (not including America/English, of course, as that’s expected).

Is there a Japanese/Bunpro-Polish connection I’m not familair with? Or is this just a coincidence? Or maybe cognitive bias on my part? :slight_smile:


One of the dev is Polish IIRC


So a Polish guy did Antimoon, now it turns out Bunpro came from Poland too.
There’s some place of power for sure :thinking:


poland flag is red and white
japan flag is red and white
It’s all a giant conspiracy man just open your eyes!!!


Cyberpunk was made in Poland, and there is a lot of Japanese in Cyberpunk. That means that there were probably weebs and Japanese learners on the development team. Possibly some that worked on Bunpro.

Cyberpunk was a trainwreck though, but Bunpro works miraculously. Maybe a key developer on Cyberpunk spent all his/her time working on Bunpro instead. The truth is starting to become clear.


“Cyberpunk 2077 is a mess because we were working on Bunpro” is a far better excuse than any CD Projekt has ever given… and frankly, I’m okay with that trade-off :slight_smile:


That’s gold, you got a chuckle out of me