Thoughts around a deck specifically targeting collocations?

I noticed there’s a lot of books available as decks, but was wondering if there’s been any thought on making a deck for collocations, such as based on Common Japanese Collocations?

I’m probably not the biggest demographic at this point considering I’m intermediate (finished Wanikani, Bunpro Grammar, read multiple books), so I get if it’s not a priority. But I’d be very interested in getting the correct usage of words in scenarios that make sense hammered into my head.

I just started using the vocab feature (literally today) on Bunpro and it’s awesome :partying_face:, I’m enjoying that it gets a bit of the collocation aspects hammered into me through the cloze method.


Dunno if you saw the bit of the discussion here, but I’m totally for it.
We’ve basically got a pretty slick Cloze system, and some colocations already (as you mentioned), so we’d just need the content.

Also – didn’t realize there was a book filled with them either! :open_mouth: