Tips on how to improve my listening and reading skills

I want to ask for some tips, since i am preparing for JLPT N2 in July and i need listening and reading materials suitable for that level.
Now i own 総まとめ N2(all 4 books), 新完全マスター(also all 4 books), plus Tobira(not icluding 文法 book) and Integrated approach to intermediate Japanese with Arc Academy / 2500 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N2. I don’t know if those are enough.
I also plan on buying Nihongo Noryoku Shiken N 2 Bumpo Hisshu Pattern Pattern Wo Osaete, Try!, Nihongo Noryoku Shiken N 2 Chokuzen Taisaku Drill, just don’t know if they are worth buying cause nobody mentions these books.

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I’m not N2, but from what I’ve experienced and heard from others, I’d focus less on textbooks, especially since you have so many, and start focusing on native material.

If you’re on WaniKani’s foums, there are book clubs you can join:

But reading and listening to any native material should be great for studying. I’ve heard of people who never formally studied, just read a ton, and managed to pass various JLPT levels.

Italki might be another resource worth looking into. It’s helped me a lot and lead me to pass both N4 and N3. Speaking directly with natives, either having a normal conversation or getting lessons, is an amazing asset to take advantage of if you can :slight_smile:

Good luck!