Tools/Sites/Strategies for reviewing adverbs?

I guess this isn’t really “Bunpro”, but I wonder if anyone has found a decent game/SRS site for reviewing the millions of non-kanji adverbs that always nail me on the practice tests?

Anki or others can do SRS, of course, but that is just rote memorization.


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Watch more anime?

This is a great question. I have similar trouble remembering mimetic adverbs. I haven’t found a good resource for practicing these apart from flashcards (Anki). You do tend to encounter them more often in popular media, though. So as @jmadsen recommended, you can try watching anime, but I would also add reading manga and playing visual novels to that list as well. If you don’t like that kind of thing, watching popular TV shows or reading graded light novels might be good alternatives.

The downside is if you’re studying specifically for the JLPT, you’re probably going to encounter a lot of stuff you’ll never see on the test.

It’s not released yet, and it’s not specific to adverbs (though it does include them), but I recently found out about this decent-looking educational game: オノマトペや



This can do exactly what you want. Renshuu Pro gives you a lot of ways to quiz yourself but normal SRS is free.

Setting things up may not be intuitive though so let me know if you need a hand.

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Were you able to get it to do what you wanted?

thanks for the tip! I was looking at it briefly yesterday, it might do what I’m after

dig deeper this weekend

For OP and anybody else that’s interested in doing the same thing

If you go to

  1. Learn → Lesson Center
  2. Friends Tab → Find Friends → Add ThousandJp as a friend

You should be able to see the Lessons (lists/decks) I have made with adverbs and you can make a schedule with them. There aren’t any preset settings for them so they will default to whatever your personal settings are. You can certainly make your own lists with the tools on the website but this might save you some time if you want to just test it out.

That’s not my personal account but I have used those lists to practice.