Topics missing from Minna No Nihongo Path

I’m at a language school and we use Minna No Nihongo second edition.

I’m looking through the Minna No Nihongo Pathway and some of the topics in the lessons are missing.

For instance in chapter 11, Bunpro has くらい、に、and だけ.

However, the book has those and いくつ (“asking how many”) and なん (+Counter suffix) and どのくらい (used to ask the length)

Am I missing something, or is this working as intended?


Minna no Nihongo path is very spotty sadly, specially MNHII.

I tried reporting a few missing points, but eventually it got so tedious getting the suggestions through that I gave up and moved to Bunpro order.

Is such a shame as I think the Minna no Nihongo series is one of the best.