Trial account time gap waiting for lifetime sale?

Recently started my bunpro trial and am digging the grammar explanations paired with the SRS. My plan was to convert to lifetime after my trial expires. I noticed that in the past there have been Christmas sales that start around 12/21 each year.

My question is, it looks like my trial will expire a week or so before the Christmas sale (assuming there will be one this year?) is offered, so what happens if I let my trial expire and wait a week to get the lifetime subscription on sale? Will I lose all of my progress from the trial or will I be able to at least “not fall behind” on existing SRS while I wait after the trial lapses?



I have the same question… My guess is the progress will not be lost after the trial is over, but let’s see if someone can clarify on this. My trial expires in 3 days though, so I will probably go for a monthly sub and then switch to lifetime later, if the sale does happen this year.


When my trial expired, it still let me see all my progress and everything, same as usual.
It just asked me to subscribe / become a paid member when I tried to do my reviews.


The progress from the trial is not lost, is the same as if you had a sub and you let it expire.
Should resume after having an active subscription again.

Also if you are pressed to continue, you can sign up monthly. Then when hopping to the lifetime it will pro-rate your month.

Let’s say $5 for a month and it takes a week until lifetime offer is up. That means that you would get $3.75 off when you switch to lifetime from your active subscription.

Also while it’s something @Jake has to confirm, I’d say it’s quite probable that there will be a lifetime sale this year too.


Makes sense - thanks for the workaround recommendation while we wait for confirmation of a Christmas sale.

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