"Unmastering" Wanikani Vocab

I wanted to use Bunpro to help supplement my Wanikani vocab, but I misunderstood the Master Sync button and now they’re all sitting and not being studied. Is there a way I can reset vocab only and then do the guru sync so I can take advantage of this feature?


Yeah, unfortunately i ran into the same thing. Once i synced master it unsynced the guru/seasoned and i have not yet able to find a way to undo it.


Wait so there is a master sync button? Where can i find it?

設定>一般 Wanikani>単語をマースター

Here: Log in - Japanese Grammar Explained | Bunpro

You have to paste your API key into the field.

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If you’re opted into the beta then you’re able to reset vocab from the settings reset page

That’s what I’m looking for! I opted in. So I’m guessing this is a feature that the team is working on but hasn’t been officially released yet?

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I just said to be opted in because I’m not sure what still is in beta or not lmao. Anyway some things are still in beta but they work perfectly fine, the team is probably just waiting to take multiple things outta beta at the same time when they’ve wrapped up other features

But you can use that reset to fix your vocab anytime you like

I reset what I had synched from WaniKani when I realized that what I memorized there did not reflect the penumbra of meanings offered by BunPro. I’m happily (and rapidly) working my way through N5, N4, and now N3 and beyond and gaining an ever-increasing appreciation for how kanji combinations yield additional meaning that were just not apparent with Wanikani.

Also, for some vocabulary BunPro includes SRS sentences that require input. This is very helpful.

My only beef is that the BunPro definitions also include repetitive English and American spellings and occasional specialized esoterica that are not really relevant for learning the language. These become tedious and distracting to read as the vocabulary in SRS builds.