Unofficial BunPro Discord! (Come join in the fun!)

EDIT: We’ve got at least one unofficial one here! :slightly_smiling_face: Original post text remains below:

I searched the forums, and there have been a few mentions of starting up a BunPro Discord in the past, but I was wondering: Is there any server still actively open and running for the BP community? If not, I might start my own, and pass ownership to a staff member if any of them opt to join in.

I’m not too concerned with level of activity, at first-- I kind of just want to get the ball rolling and leave the door open for people to join. Activity will come naturally with the right members :slightly_smiling_face:

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There was an unofficial one made, but it’s not active. (Mentioned in the ‘Study Buddy’ thread, I believe.) No official one though.

Is there a working invite for it? I’d like to avoid duplicating it if possible.

I saw another thread about a bunpro discord here, but the invite link provided in the thread no longer works.

I’m a bit of a Discord newb, but I think this should work :slight_smile: Japanese Study Buddy


Huh, I didn’t even know we had a discord although I haven’t checked the study buddy thread in awhile. I never thought there’d be much functionality behind the concept considering how active the forums are now (especially compared to like a year+ ago) buuuut I can try and think of some unique ways to help utilize it. Maybe could be just a fun place to shitpost, or you guys could use it to smacktalk all the Bunpro team members :cowboy_hat_face:


Marvelous! Thank you! I see what you mean about it being inactive, though, haha.

Right now, a user named DarkFlameMaster holds ownership of that particular Discord server, but it might be cool to get ownership transferred to Ed (or some other staff) if we can get in touch with that user. We’ll see! Either way, I’ll keep the OP updated and catch y’all over there! :wave:


Update: DFM popped in, and we’ve reorganized the channels a little bit, and I’ve been granted moderator status now, so I can add and manage channels and such as needed. I encourage folks reading this to drop on in, as we’re trying to bring the place to life a little bit. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope to see more of y’all there!


None of these links seem to work at all. Ie they appear to be expired or invalid.

Oh no! It looks like they’ve expired, yes-- Shoot, I didn’t realize there was an expiration on those invites.

Seems like the Moderator roles currently don’t have permission to view/create invite links, so I’ll have to get the DFM’s attention to get this resolved, as they’re the only one capable of resolving the situation.

I’ll post here again when a valid invite is made-- we love getting new people, so I hope you can bear with us while we get this sorted out! Sorry!

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New invite link is here! I was just blind; DFM had already granted permissions to mods to make invites, and I just forgot where the button was :stuck_out_tongue:

This new link never expires and can be used by infinitely many people, so this should permanently resolve the problem. Cheers!




Haha, identify verified! :grin:



my cover is blown :sob:


コミュニティーへの義務から逃がせません! :joy:


Psst @Asher, if you’re indeed Rift#1111 on Discord and interested in having the Moderator role, give this post a :heart: and that’ll be sufficient verification :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t imagine that someone would fake their identity and still be that knowledgeable, but y’know-- never can be too careful with elevating permissions :wink:

(It wouldn’t be the craziest thing I’ve seen happen in an internet community…)

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