Unsync Extra Practice With WaniKani

I just synced the Extra Practice with WaniKani, but I’m having remorse after seeing my review queue go up by a thousand. Is there a way to unsync the reviews?

I’ve seen another post where the solution given was to change the settings to only review grammar. However, there is vocab from Bunpro decks that I’d still like to review.

Also, just curious, will the API sync back to the WaniKani database and update the SRS when I correctly answer an item in Bunpro? Or is it truly ‘Extra Practice’?

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A) you go to each vocab and ‘remove from queue’ I don’t know how to do it in bulk
B) My rec was to only review the N5 vocab. You can study by deck
C) It’s truely Extra Practice


Solution already exists: How to unsync wanikani reviews? - #2 by IcyIceBear


Yeah, that’s the one that I mentioned seeing already but that didn’t fit my situation. Thank you, though.

Then if you saw the last half of that message, if you opt in for beta, you can reset the wanikani sync. It’ll remove all the wanikani vocab reviews and nothing else so it won’t affect your bunpro vocab

The description of the reset option says that it wipes clean your vocab progress in Bunpro. SRS Progress, gained XP, and Stats will be reset to their original state for their selected deck.

So doesn’t this mean that it would move the WaniKani vocab from the Seasoned SRS step to Beginner, rather than removing it from Bunpro? If so, that would mean more time needed to clear the Wanikani vocab through the SRS.

Have you used the reset option before for the WaniKani items? Or is there a clarification somewhere?

Just want to be clear, because the reset can’t be undone.

I’ve done it before - it removes the items from reviews entirely by resetting their state to “New”. They won’t appear in your reviews again until you add them back into reviews, either through lessons or manually in the deck.

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Awesome! Thank you for confirming!

Once bitten twice shy, you know.

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As a note of caution to others, this does wipe out some of the vocabulary in the Bunpro Vocabulary Decks. It must be items that are labeled as both Bunpro and Wanikani some how.

Resyncing the “Master Content” re-adds at least some but not all of it. You could still have to manually re-add items. (Several hundred in my case.)