Update! Tae Kim's Grammar Guide Path - March 6, 2020

You can now study alongside Tae Kim’s Japanese Grammar Guide!

The Tae Kim Path includes over 230 grammar points spread over four chapters, Basic Grammar, Essential Grammar, Special Expressions, and Advanced Topics.

Click a chapter to display the grammar included within it.

You also have the option to click any section of a chapter to go directly to the associated Tae Kim page and study Tae Kim and Bunpro side-by-side.

Clicking the main title will open Tae Kim’s PDF. The page numbers listed under Readings refer to the latest version of the PDF.

Happy studying!


Kind of off-topic, but is it necessary to list “2nd Edition” behind Genki I & II in that dropdown list (1st screenshot)? It’d probably look cleaner without that. Did the 3rd edition change any page numbers or add any grammar?


amazing news! i know people for asking for that quite some time.
since i’m a greedy sob as any regular human being, now i will ask for imabi and an integrated approach to intermediate japanese paths, because why not, right?

jokes aside (no), great news, thanks guys!
have a great day.


Wow, this is so cool! Layout is slick, everything is well labeled, and linking to his site as well is perfect! Looks like the Grammar dropdown is getting a bit long though, haha. Do you have any plans to re-organize it in any way to keep it tight?


It’s likely because I provided page numbers for the first edition, so they wanted to differentiate from that, as those page numbers are different. But even with different page numbers, as long as they’re listed in the ‘reading’ section, I think you could just list all editions under the one ‘Genki’ book title.


I think the complementary promotion could be reciprocated on the grammar paths as BP is essentially an indirect advertisement for their work. They could at least mention BunPro on their homepages so people buying/using their work know there is this option to sign on and do SRS with the readings. Far as I see, the more users join the better; more resources and user feedback to improve the site. I know TK is free but there is also a physical sold on Amazon.


It is necessary. Pages and content vary, so it’s necessary to have a guide as to why.


That’s excellent, good job team!

Should the website link not also be in here?


nice! :slight_smile:
One veery small display issue - the menu doesn’t seem wide enough to show the whole title:



“Acting on Relative Clauses” was put in Advanced Topics instead of Essential Grammar by mistake

It should be right after “Desires and Suggestions” instead of at the beginning of Advanced Topics


@DonChanHype Thank you! We are working on filling in the external links for each individual grammar point. I have added one to のに. Cheers!

@sguise Thank you for your comment. Would you mind letting us know what browser/OS you are using? Cheers!

@Enecororo Thank you for drawing this to our attention. I have moved “Acting on Relative Clauses” to its rightful place. Cheers!


Oh yeah I actually completely finished reading the pdf in its entirety, I’ll prob need to reread it at least once but was nice looking through it


Sorry…i did mean to specify but got distracted!

It was just your standard Chrome on Windows 10. Chrome version is 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit). Windows is (i assume up-to-date or very close to it. Only extension I have installed (from memory - not near my home laptop at the mo) is Lastpass.


@sguise Thank you for providing the information about your device. We think that we have found what is causing the overflowing and will push a fix soon. Cheers!


I don’t seem to be able to navigate to the Tae Kim section because on my work laptop the dropdown menu hits the bottom of the screen at Tobira?

EDIT: If I zoom out on the website, I can access the Tae Kim section but at normal 100% zoom on the website, I cannot access it. That seems like a design flaw that doesn’t account for lower resolution screens?


@Moyga We just realized this too! We are working on a fix and hope to push it soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. Cheers!


So excited to see that Tae Kim’s path is an option!

I’m struggling a bit, though. Tae Kim focuses on casual speech (at least at first) but BunPro keeps reviewing me on both casual and polite versions of each grammar point. Is there a reason that it doesn’t follow the course more closely?


if I take this path am I going to receive reviews from the default path? I’m worried I might get a review of the lessons I just took plus a new grammar point that I have not taken yet.

No, you will not get reviews from the default path (lessons) if you follow Tae Kim’s path.
Saying that, long time ago, Bunpro did not have paths and a lot of the sentences build upon each other based on Lessons.

One can add any grammar point manually for review by pressing the “Add to Review”, on the individual grammar page.

That is the best (worst :smiley:) thing about Bunpro, its super customizable.


Just to clarify, you’ll continue to get reviews of any/all grammar points you’ve previously studied (or added manually). You just won’t get ‘study’ lessons from other paths.

At least, that’s my assumption. I haven’t actually tried the alternate path feature yet.