With the summer heat upon us (at least here in Japan), we though we would refresh your grammar studies with some changes to your dashboard.

  • Information you care about: The profile box changes and the addition of the SRS level count tiles should give you more and better information about where you are in your studies.
  • The start of consistent design: Gone are the 14 different colors previously used with different spacing and alignment. Going forward the new Bunpro styles will be applied to existing parts of the site as well as in new upcoming super secret features.


Modern Dark:

We fixed a few bugs, like not showing the Update category in the community links, and some theme issues with the Select grammar bar.

That is all for this week in terms of development updates.
There will however be another batch of audio for 48 new N1 grammar points out by the end of the week!
We will have more feature updates in the coming weeks. Stay tuned :partying_face:


I love that new inclusion, my script is useless now :disappointed_relieved: :laughing:. But better this way, as not everyone knows or wants to install a script of a random person.

Can’t wait to see what more have you prepared for us :heart_eyes:.


Thank for for the inspiration and showing us how to make the dashboard better! :bowing_man:


A script that made it to the product’s live version is no longer a script - it’s part of Bunpro now! :partying_face:


I love the new dashboard look and features, but I would really like it if it scaled up a bit better. I’m sure a lot of folks are on mobile, but on a desktop screen almost a third of the horizontal space is just empty. :sweat_smile:


Since the dashboard shows badges, it would be nice if mouseovering them would show what they mean.


^^^^ This

It being scaled down like this makes it painful to look at at times.


The search box text color is not correct for the dark theme


I came here just to say the reviews look terrible on desktop as well, about 40% of the space is wasted on the lateral margins. And the dashboard as well, but I don’t spend as much time looking at the dashboard.

The new features look nice, though, thanks!

How it looks:

How it should look in my opinion:


Normally I would like the larger margins for reading, but I was starting to feel claustrophobic. I also use dark mode and the search box was annoying so…

quick script hack for people that do those things
// ==UserScript==
// @name         Bunpro Margin Tweak
// @version      0.1
// @description  blah
// @author       ccookf
// @match        https://bunpro.jp/*
// @grant        none
// @namespace https://greasyfork.org/users/141739
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
    'use strict';

    $("head").append("<style>.container--main { width: 95%; } .grammar-search__field { color: white; }</style>");

I think it’s fairly obvious, but tweak tweak to your taste.


Good idea on the hover. I have added it to the to do list.
@dbl @ccookf Thank you for the honest feedback. I have added a couple extra break points for wide screens. Please let me know if that fixes it or if it still feels too narrow.


Looks a lot better on my end now. Thank you so much!


Much better for me as well, thanks!


It looks better now, thanks!


Not sure if this is a new issue or was already a thing but I just noticed a minor visual bug. For the Review Forecast you can press the same side again of the daily/hourly toggle and it will still toggle between them in the forecast. This is fine, but it doesn’t actually visually update what’s selected according to the toggle, it just stays on whatever side you pressed.

As a result I can be on the daily forecast but the toggle will claim I’m on the hourly forecast

(PS: love the changes. Looks much nicer)


I really like the new starting page a lot of usefull information^^

I don’t know if it’s only a me thing, but I prefer teh review box narrower.
I can’t read a whole line now; a 1/5 to a 1/4 is out of focus at first glance. This maight be caused by my bad eyesight or my dyslexia.
However If I compare it to other sites a little bit of deadspace seems to be the standard.
I hope I made myself understood.


Good catch, I will get it fixed.

@Mipri It is possible in a future release for us to add a setting in Styles that allows for control over the width.

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I feel like the line spacing is a bit too tight for the points. Looking at this point there are symbols rendering closely enough for that they’re touching in places or would touch had the alignment differed.