Using oops

hello I wanted to ask some advise with using the oops button.

I notised I’ve been using the oops butten quite frequetly.

There are diffrent causes for it:

  1. not using the right conjugation but the reight form. exp. 食べって instead of 食べて
  2. using the casual/polite form when the opposite is asked
    3.missing the negation (only when nagation is not subject of the review)
    4 using past/present instead of the opposite (only when subject of review can be uses in both)

Those mistakes are like 80% of the mistaked I make. And I wonder if I should stop using oops and accept the ghosts? Most of the time I got the grammar point in question right but because af my lack of concentration (I assume) i don’t notices the nuances right away.

What are your experiences with oops? How do you use it?

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If you don’t want to get rid of those mistakes then you can keep on using oops button. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I personally use it for typos only.


Personally, I grade myself fairly harshly, because ideally, I want to be able to get these things right on the first try. I don’t get an “oops” button when I’m speaking the language, and any little inaccuracies I make will be distracting at best, or not understandable at worst.

I’d rather hammer those kinks out here instead, so I mark myself wrong pretty generously :upside_down_face:


My “rule” is if I know the grammar point that is being taught and I simply conjugate wrong or something small I use “oops”. If its the wrong grammar point or I miss some other big factors I let SRS do its thing and let is stay wrong. I don’t feel bad though because I use other tools specifically for conjugation, etc so my main point is the different grammar points.

And also since WaniKani doesn’t have an “oops” and I get so many wrong for simple typos that its my saving grace I can use it here! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wanikani has a script for that (but damn it’s hard not to use it too much)