Vacation Mode does not work

Hi there,

I tried out “vacation mode” for the first time and it is written beside the option that I “cannot review” if this is enabled qnd that my cards don’t pil up.

Well, what I should say: Option is enabled but cards still pile up and I can practice normal reviews as well.

Also I deactivated and activated the option again but it didn’t help.

Is this a known bug? Do I have to do anything else to activate option?

Does the option has an effect the next day but not immediately? (but if that’s the case why)?

I found it didn’t work perfectly, but it did work immediately and I wasn’t able to do any reviews while it was turned on :thinking:
Hopefully one of the BunPro staff will be able to work out what’s going on for you.

thank you for giving it a try. You did nothing else the to enable it within the settings, did you?

Literally nothing else, just hit the “Vacation Mode” slider and then all reviews and study were prevented immediately.
Hopefully by bumping this thread, BunPro staff will notice and reply, but if not, perhaps message them directly?
I think they are usually quite good about doing things like reinstating streaks following any problems initiating vacation mode :slight_smile:

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It might not be entirely related but do you happen to be using the mobile app at all? Either way, sorry about the super slow response back to your problem, I’ll try and swing it over to someone tomorrow to see if they can piece together what happened. If you can provide any additional info like if you’re using beta, browser, phone, etc. that’d be super helpful!

Hi there,

thank you for your response. I also sent a bug report but I got no response by now so I will just add some information here

App version: 0.3.3+46


OS: Android 10

UI Language: en

I set vacation mode in mobile app. I do not use the browser at all actually. I could also record a video (in case that would help)


The fix will be released with the update :slight_smile:


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ありがとうございます :slight_smile: