Vocab deck ordering

Am I the only one who wishes that there was the option of having the vocab decks not ordered alphabetically, but instead following something like frequency or even just being random within JLPT levels? I feel like it’s very counterintuitive to learn vocab alphabetically - or am I just missing some point?


You are not alone. I’ve looked around but not found any way of changing things up. I’m pretty sure an update of the deck is in the works, eventually, but thats just me guessing… and hoping.

Lets ask @Jake and @Daru if they can give us a rough idea?


Is the vocab deck only accessed through the beta? I have yet to really see this at all. I’ve been using personal anki decks for this period of time.


I’m not quite sure tbh. For me they are right there alongside all the other decks on Bunpro - there is an N5 and an N4 deck so far.

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Hey there guys!

A rework of Decks/Vocab is coming. I can’t give specific dates or timeframes, but know that it’s on our roadmap. All of these posts with functionality requests are being taken into account for the update.

Thank you for letting us know!
Frequency and JLPT level seem like really good ways to sort out decks, I’ll definietly keep that in mind.


This is great news, thank you so much!

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