Vocab Example Sentences

Hey Bunpro team!

Out of curiosity, is there a timeline for when example sentences will be added to N3-N1 vocab? I read awhile back that they were originally slatted for beginning of 2023, but I know the team has been working on N2 explanations and overhauling reviews, so assuming vocab got pushed back. Just wondering, since I’ve seen quite a few threads recently talking about studying vocab on other sites like Anki and Mochi, as well as people gearing up their studies for the upcoming JLPT.

(P.S. No pressure or anything, just curious! All the recent updates have been great and I’m looking forward to everything planned for the future :blush: )


Hi there,

I’ve been told they’ll be done within 3 months!

Hopes this clarifies things


Awesome, thanks for letting me know!

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