Vocab hints started to disappear

I’m nearing the end of N3, and I noticed that some sentences no longer indicate the verb / adjective I’m supposed to conjugate to the appropriate form.

For instance, I was supposed to translate “freshly laid egg”, and had no idea what the verb for “laying an egg” was. I took a guess, but that’s not what I’m on bunpro for.

Is this some option I need to check, or is it by design ?


I agree. Entire N5 vocab deck is with the hints, but starting N4 it’s always blank for me.

There are a lot of synonyms that straight up marked as wrong answers, so I just have to play in a ‘take a guess’ game, which is not what I would really want.

I hope hints are in the works.


Today, I had this problem with the N5 word ええ (which was awful, because in my opinion in case of this particular word it’s not that easy to guess it by translation and context alone). I’m almost sure that the hint was there last time it popped up in my review, so it looks like some things might have got broken since then.


Hi there @Simboubou , just to check, are you talking about something like (焼く) being at the end of the sentence in the grammar section of the website?

If this is the case, most sentences should give you the verb, so you can report it if it missing.


We talk about vocab section, it’s in the title.

There are no hints and sometimes wrong words are highlighted.

Yeah, I’m talking about the grammar section (I’m not using bunpro for vocab).

Thanks, I’ll report the sentence next time this happens, or see if I can ‘find’ one by cramming or something.

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Thought so, thanks for clarifying! If you send a report through, we usually fix things within a day. For this particular sentence, I’ll try locate it and fix it on my end :+1:.

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I found one and sent a report.
I’d like to share a screenshot, but my phone is acting up.

@Asher I saw your answer, thanks. I believe it’s actually severals sentences from lessons around this one. I wish I could report them all but it’s a bit tedious.

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Understood. I will have a chat to some of our staff tomorrow and see if there’s a way we can quickly check the majority of sentences in our catalogue and fix them all asap. :bowing_man:


That’s one big task, so just the give more context: this is something I’ve recently noticed in the sentences for Grammar points in lesson 29

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