Vocab to Grammar Review Addition (REQUEST)

Hey so I find a bit of an issue for myself whenever I switch to doing vocab and then grammar reviews. With grammar reviews I like just having the nuance there to challenge myself but Vocab ones don’t have a nuance (which I don’t expect them to) however I need something to go off in vocab; I mean if you see something like 私のお兄さんは___好きだ。that blank could really be anything.

SO! basically what I have to do is go into settings<general<reviews and then change it from only nuance to show (as in show all English) so I can see that the sentence says “apple” and I know to put りんご. Basically I’ll I’m asking is that you guys implement a feature to change if its nuance only, English only, furigana only (all that stuff) right in the review part so I don’t have to keep going back to settings and stuff

If anyone else would enjoy seeing this hit the like button! if not…I will keep to myself.


I mean in a case like that, you’re boned. I’d just call up my brother at that point and ask him what he likes and hope that it’s the right answer.


Hi there!

Are you using the Reviews 2.0 Beta or the old Reviews system?
If you’re using the Beta, this should be fixed – it basically forces the lowest level of Hint to show if it’s a Vocab Cloze question. If it isn’t working on Beta either, we can troubleshoot :+1:


wooaaah I did not know about that. It looks so much cooler. Everything’s working now


I can’t give too much information right now, but there may be an update coming quite soon with a feature that it sounds like you will like a lot :wink:.


If it involves audio for vocab then I’m literally about to go B A N A N A S


No audio just yet, but something that we feel will elevate the vocab learning experience just as much if not even more. :wink:

Asher really got me on the edge of my seat rn, where can we go to check if updates have been released or to check about past ones; like patch notes for a video game (does that even exist for this)? will it say on community forums or on the actual websites?

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Major changes come up on the notification bell on the main dashboard :slight_smile:

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ASHER, I just saw a vocab update…is this the holy grail we’ve been waiting for !!!

UPDATE: I think it may be what you were talking about, everything is sooo much better

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