Vocabulary within sentences

Hi, I know it is a little late and must be difficult for implementing this, but it would have been nice to have the sentence levels matching the N levels as well. I mean that for N5 level, it would be more educative to have the vocabulary used within a sentence or test sentence more general and easier than for N1 level for example. I am at N4 level at the moment and often sentences are very long using a non daily common vocabulary (or at least it seems). I know the purpose of this website is to concentrate on grammar, but it would have been a nice touch. ganbarimasu…

As far as I remember, most of the N5 and N4 grammar sentences use relatively common and easy vocab.


Well you either must be very gifted or I am a very slow learner (I apologize), but sentences like (
20世紀せいきには経済けいざい成長せいちょうの原因げんいんの一つひとつは自動じどうかだと考かんがえられている) are very difficult for me to comprehend without using the English at N4 level.

I’m studying for N4, and also run into words I don’t know in some of the example sentences, so ideally I would prefer a more gradual vocabulary difficulty curve too.

To work around the issue, I use rikaikun, a Chrome extension that translates Japanese words on hover - that way I can still try to understand the sentence without resorting to the full English translation. Plus you get to learn new words. There are similar extensions for other browsers too.

Additionally, it seems bunpro sentences generally have a pretty small shared vocabulary, so by the time I got through half of the N4 points, most of the rest of them used words that I’ve seen in previous points, even if they aren’t things that would necessarily be expected in an N4 exam.

Yes, I knew all of the words in that sentence. To be fair, I’m probably closer to N3 level and I do a lot of reading. So I can’t rightly say if the vocab is appropriate for N4 level. I’m just used to the books I’m reading having a ton of words I don’t know, so sentences like that are easy by comparison.

I’ve also thought this. It seems a lot of N3 words are used in the N4 grammar points. Which isn’t inherently bad but it does make it a bit harder to focus on the grammar point when you have to look up words every couple sentences.

I figured the best way to help would be to reorganize the sentences and put the easier sentences first. Kinda like the first 5 are basic (i.e. using same N level vocab) then 5 advanced (i.e. using more diverse vocab and additional grammar points).