Wanikani furigana

The Wanikani furigana setting seems nice in theory, but it is unusable in practice, because it assumes that once you’ve seen a kanji once on WK, you automatically know every possible reading.

In particular, when you first unlock a kanji on WK, you only learn one reading (usually On’yomi), but Bunpro keeps throwing words with the kun’yomi readings at me that I haven’t learned yet, so I had to disable the setting.

Is there something I’m missing? It seems like it would make more sense to only include kanji once you’ve also learned some associated vocabulary on WK, and thus seen the other readings.


Rather than even look at the Kanji, it would be better if Bunpro strictly looked at Vocabulary. I’ve run into this same issue too.

I believe based on other apps that WK’s API allows identifying which items have been Guru’d, so it’s possible to do. The upside of strictly looking at vocab is Kanji that are words on their own are pretty much always taught as vocab in the same level.


This is super cool idea! I will pass it to the technical part of the team!

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This issue (hiding furigana based on learned kanji instead of vocab) was first mentioned around 2 years ago. I think it’s unfortunately way down on their to-do-list.


You know that on a computer, you can click the kanji that don’t have furigana and it will show them?
Not sure if it works in the app.
But i find this a pretty good tradeoff, even if the furigana has a reading i haven’t learned yet, i can just click on it.

(also, you could use a browser extension like Yomichan to get the reading and dictionary entries, including pitch accent, by shift-drag)