Way to quiz on vocab reading?

Either a thread for help or a suggestion depending if this feature is implemented or not, but I’d love to quiz myself on both meaning and reading for a vocab, wanikani style. There’s words I know their meaning just fine, it’s the reading I wanted more practice with.


Gonna bump this thread, as I came to the forums looking for people asking about this same thing. I’m a big fan of BP adding vocab, but I would really like to be quizzed on both the reading and the meaning.

To implement this technically without too much of an overhaul of the existing system, it might be possible to clone all the vocabulary items and make two entries for each, one for reading and one for meaning.

Then, when you take the lesson on one, you might be prompted to also add the other into your review queue too. Or depending on some config or tick-box, just have both automatically added when you add either one.

For the time being this is pretty good