We made a chrome extension for learning Japanese with Crunchyroll!

Hello! My brother and I have developed a Chrome extension for learning Japanese with anime using crunchyroll.com. Here’s an overview of our current features:

:speech_balloon: Japanese Subtitles: Integrated Japanese subtitles for selected anime and the ability to add your own subtitles.

:blue_book: Word Parsing: Hover over and click on parsed words to open a popup with translations.

:books: Comprehensive Word Popup: Our word popup offers two tabs: word meanings and kanji information.

:mag: Subtitle Highlighting: Highlight subtitle text to open a Link popup for quick searches on various websites or to build your own Google query.

:stopwatch: Subtitle Sync: Adjust subtitle offset if they are out of sync with the video.

:gear: Customizable Settings: Tailor the user interface to your preferences with our customizable settings.

:memo: Save and Review Notes: Locally save words/notes while watching and review them later. Please keep in mind that these notes will be lost if the extension is removed from the browser.

For now, we only support a limited number of anime, but we will add more if people like it. You can request anime to be added on our discord server. What we have now is just the foundation; we’re looking to expand it with new features (we have plenty of ideas).

:loudspeaker: Feedback Appreciated: As we’re still in the early stages of development, we highly value any feedback, particularly regarding database availability, as we’re using a free tier DB service.

Thank you for checking it out!

Chrome extension: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/manabidojo-learn-japanese/efbhkecfjhcpmepgbpogiiaidkmjhojl
Discord: ManabiDojo



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This may be the only good reason to pay for crunchyroll

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Holy crap this will be so helpful.

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