Weekly Grammar Release - August 21st

N1 Lesson 9

を禁じ得ない -cannot help feeling, cannot but, cannot hold back
にかこつけて - in the name of, using the excuse of, to use as a pretext of, under the guise/pretense of
ようによっては - depending on the way, depending on how
べくもない - no (doubt/hope), there is no way, it is impossible, not a hope in hell

This is the final batch for Lesson 9. We will continue to release a weekly batch of N1 Lesson 10.
The final batch of what we consider the “core” of N1 will be released on September 3rd.

We will still add more to N1 and we will also start adding in what we are calling Utility Grammar, stuff above N1 (aka NZero :stuck_out_tongue: ), slang grammar, Kansai-ben and other dialects.

Plus all the other content we have planned :smiley:


Can’t wait for the dialects woohoo!