Weekly Grammar Release - August 6th & 13th

New Grammar:

N5 (Released last week - August 6th)
る - Verbs[た] - る - Verbs Past Tense
う - Verbs[た・ました] - う - Verbs Past Tense
る - Verbs[なかった] - る - Verbs Negative Past Tense
うVerbs [なかった・ませんでした] - うVerbs (Negative Past Tense)

N1 (Released today - August 13th)
には及ばない② - to be no match (for), to not compare (with), to fall short (of), to not reach, cannot win with, to be out of reach (for), to not be on par (with)
とは言うものの - although, but, although I say, although it is said, having said that
が早いか - as soon as, no sooner than, instant, no sooner had
に難くない - not hard to, not difficult to, easy to, is obvious that
ならいざ知らず - don’t know about it, maybe it would/might be possible for