Weekly Grammar Release - September 13th

N1 Lesson 10 Batch 2/3

にひきかえ - In stark contrast, In comparison, On the other hand, While, In sharp contrast
それまでだ - if… then It is all in vain, it’s done, it is useless, no point, it is a waste, that’s it, it is all gone
といおうか - how to put it, how shall I put it, how should I put it, or perhaps, or maybe, call it … or
ずにはおかない - will definitely, will certainly, bound to, not fail to

Sorry for the delay on the last bit of N1. N3 readings were done earlier than expected last week and we chose to release those instead. The last batch of N1 L10 will be released this coming weekend.

We still have extra miscellaneous grammar that we think should go into N1 as well as lower levels, so we will keep releasing more grammar each week.


Seems odd to have the N1 といおうか grammar point before というか is even added. It would make it easier to learn the new one if というか was added first.


We will add というか too! It is basically the same and it is accepted as an alternative answer.
By the way, there is another similar expression, というべきか (how SHOULD I put it").