What does だって mean?

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I’m reading また、同じ夢を見てた and I came across this sentence that I really can’t understand… I’ll give you the context and bold out the sentence

「昨日テレビを見ていたの、どこかで起きた事件について色んな人が思ってることを言うって番組だったわ。そこで偉そうな人が言っていたの、日本では頭がおかしい奴は嫌なことから逃げられるって。それで、その偉そうな人が誰なのかお母さんに訊いたら、大学の先生だって。大学の先生がそう言うんだから、当然小学校でも通じる理屈のはずでしょう? 大学の下が高校、その下が中学校、その下が小学校だものね」

I’ve searched Bunpro but couldn’t find anything related to なのか in 誰なのか and is だって here だ+って like mentioned in the Bunpro explanation?

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This sentence is multilayered so it might be hard to piece together the meaning without a bit of experience

その偉そうな人が誰なのか → this is a question within the sentence asking who the seemingly amazing person is

right after you get お母さんに聞いたら which means you asked your mom something, that something being the question right before it (who is the person)

after you get the response 大学の先生だって where your mom told you it was the university professor. だって in this context is being used as a less polite way of saying と言った

Hope this helps, good luck with your studies!


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good question

in several anime I have heard many times だってば

I dont know if it is the same meaning as “I said” or “someone said”

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Slightly different meanings…
だって | Japanese Grammar SRS
ってば・ったら | Japanese Grammar SRS

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if you’re still interested, I can expand a bit on this part if you want.


And there’s me who read 偉そうな as 違そうな
To be fair to me i haven’t studied 偉.


Welcome @ThousandJP ! Sure thing :slight_smile: Any help would be appreciated!

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Cure Dolly made a video on it that I just watched and thought was pretty good
Apparently it kind of has around three meanings depending on context


Sorry I had an answer in mind but when I typed it out I wasn’t satisfied with it so I don’t think I will be able to expand on this for now.

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Oh, you tease.


thanks, just came across だって again and watched the video.