What is Migaku?

Somehow, I seem to not be able to get a clear answer from the internet. What exactly does it do (In detail)?

Another question. I am currently using yomichan. How similar is it to migaku? Is there even a point in having both?

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Hey, I’m surprised no one answered your question. I would have if I saw it sooner.

Migaku works similarly to Yomi-chan in that it serves as a dictionary and word identifier for browsers, but it has much more functionality. What I have been using is their latest plug in that offers a comprehensive dictionary, easy flashcard creation, including from shows on Netflix and other streaming websites.

I have primarily been using it for the Migaku dictionary that connects to Anki allowing for quick flashcard creation with definitions, translation, images, and example sentences all auto-generated. For that alone it’s worth it I think since creating your own flashcards can be a very time consuming thing.

Right now, it is rather pricey at $200 for lifetime. But you get access to future updates and the tone trainer. They also seem to be working on their own SRS outside of Anki, so the investment might be worth it.

There is a free plug-in for Anki, but it is no longer being worked on and many parts of it no longer work. Here is a screenshot of the dictionary.


It seems like the biggest selling point for Migaku is the pitch accent trainer. Pitch accent is an unfortunately largely and wrongly discounted aspect of spoken Japanese. It is in portant to get right if you want to be perceived as someone who has command of the language. I have not used Migaku yet but might do so when I’m ready to start Dogen’s course.

I think pitch accent is important, but some Youtube personalities overemphasize it as absolutely necessary, almost to snake oil salesman levels. But I guess that’s just the name of the game. Now the current trend among them is saying Anki is useless.

But it’s the dictionary and sentence mining tools that really sell Migaku, the pitch trainer is something fairly new.


I’m buckled up for another pitch accent debate. Brb with the popcorn.


I concur. I’ve been saying that for years.

Well, yeah, true. I suppose it depends on one’s objectives. Claiming it’s all that matters is silly, but the unfortunate take, generally, is that it’s not a crucial component of speech. It’s the difference between a bridge and chopsticks. Sure, you can infer it from context, but there’s really enough context-guessing in this language. There really is no need for more confusion :joy:.

Anki is intentionally ubiquitous, which is why I like using it and is why you can make the program do numerous different functions when it comes to reviews and card layout. It’s amusing how similar my current anki cards are to the ones that Migaku is using for its sentence mining schtick.

Useless is an interesting take that I would like to see expanded on. As I think anyone can make the program do many things if one takes the time to see what they can do.


Bah. The concept is not useless. Kitsun is just a better replacement unless you absolutely need certain specific Anki plug-ins. But if you need to make cards and just need something like subs2, Kitsun offers a better interface and better apps for not very much. Especially if you’re a long-term SRS user.

Tried Kitsun before, wasn’t really my thing, but some people swear but it. So if it works for you, cool. Anki is what I keep going back to after using 4-5 other SRS programs. It’s as good as you want to make it. And those youtubers who said that Anki was useless said that because they think SRS in general is useless which would also put Bunpro in that category.

You know, I can agree to disagree. Got too much Japanese to study, Anki card to do and content to watch.


To weigh in, the simplicity of Kitsun is really nice. It’s friendlier to those of us who are a bit technologically challenged, that’s for sure. I tried Anki a couple of times over the years and it’s pretty unwieldy if you don’t know what you’re doing with it, which I sure as hell don’t.

That being said, I also fell off with Kitsun because I’ve been juggling other methods of studying. But I think both of them have a lot of merit - there’s no denying the strength of Anki and just how powerful it can be as a learning tool in the right hands. This is why I’m glad similar apps like those can co-exist, because it doesn’t have to be a One Or The Other kind of deal. Everyone has different needs.

re: Migaku, I’m glad someone else asked this question because the website is rather vague about it. Which I’ve come to expect from Japanese learning apps, but it doesn’t mean it’s not annoying as hell!

Don’t speak these things into existence, I’m still recovering from the last time :pensive:

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I brought this up during the recent team camping trip and cried laughing at some specific posts, I’m so glad it’s memorable for other users :sob: Don’t want to derail the thread but had to chime in when I saw it mentioned hahahahaha.


It’s the best online tool for Japanese in my opinion. As mentioned above it’s great for learning pitch accent and to learn with Netflix but it’s also great to use with Bunpro. Before using it I would skim the sentences on here without really understanding them due to my like of focus but with Migaku the text is much more interactive so I can concentrate much more. It’s well worth the five dollars a month.

Apologies for bumping an old post, but I’m looking into Migaku since I’m exploring options for my current set up.

It’s about to be 2024 and it seems like there’s some updates to Migaku… I’m not sure if there’s any coupons or discounted lifetimes but Anki has been reliable when I needed it, I learn other languages too, I used Anki for Korean, Taiwanese, etc.

I am starting to feel like I’m spinning my wheels a bit since I have some resources that work, and the additional functionality that I’d get is being able to mine vocab. My Mandarin is kinda rusty right now, and the issue is vocabulary, so being able to mine vocab for Chinese and pick a language agnostic tool would be a win-win.

If you use Anki regularly, I would highly recommend Migaku, it just speeds up my card creation process by 3-4 times. Especially if you’re learning other languages, I think it’s a good value.

There have been consistent updates and they are actually working on their own SRS system which looks very clean and professional, but lacks the deep customization Anki gives you. Still, they have pledged to continue to support Anki.

If they still have a Lifetime option available I would go for it, as they will be moving to a sub model at some point.

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