What's wrong with アイロンをかける?

Having trouble finishing the quiz for this N4 Vocab word.
Tried copy/pasting, typing all kinds of ways.
Keeps marking it wrong, and I cannot figure out why.
Is there something obvious that I’m missing?

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If it is the correct answer, it might be a bug. @Jake or @veritas_nz , could you chime in?

You had your answer set to アイロン for Iron, when you should have had it set to W for Wombo.

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I didn’t even know you could review vocab like this! My reviews just have Japanese-to-English?

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Yeah I didn’t know this was a thing either, is this just the bunpro vocab decks?

Hey! Thank you for pointing this out. It should be fixed now :+1:

@jungliemonkey @Bestname While this is live, we haven’t “officially” released it yet :sweat_smile:


Ooo - how do I get to it?! It looks really useful! :grin:

Thanks for the quick fix. I’ve reported another bug in the N5 Vocab stack but I’ll post it into the forums as that seems to generate results.