When did all the N5 audio get updated?

Had a lot of N5 reviews today after a recent reset. Was surprised to suddenly find all the sentences have audio. When did this happen? I don’t recall reading about it in any of the updates?

Either way, pleasant surprise to say the least!

(And somewhat unrelated, will they also be shared on the Google Drive folder? Would love to add them in my immersion loop ^^)


Hi there! Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying them, and sorry for the stealth update! Actually the reason it wasn’t announced is due to the quality being sub-optimal. There was a lot of background noise that was hard to remove due to the recording location, so Haruna and I are redoing all of N5 over the next few weeks, and replacing the already replaced files :sweat_smile:.

Of course we will make them available on the drive once it’s all finished. :grin:

On another note, Haruna and I are also going through all the audio for other levels and fixing everything (sentences and audio) which are even slightly unnatural/unclear. We’ll update the audio files on the drives accordingly as we go through that too. :partying_face:


Wow, I admire your and Haruna’s hard work :bowing_man: Thanks as always, and looking forward to hearing the (re-)updated files ^^


since you’re redoing it, I thought I provide some criticism :sweat_smile:
Some sentences I find are spoken way too fast for a beginner in N5. I believe it’s a great exercise to do some listening comprehension occasionally with the sentences. So maybe it would be worth it to record them a little bit slower.

Anyway, thanks for the work <3


There is already a “slow” function for examples, maybe it could be made available for reviews too.

In general I’d prefer to keep the natural speed, in the “real world” nobody asks you what your level is and just speaks normally (except teachers and some tutors perhaps).


Wonderful news! Thank you both so much for your efforts! ありがとうございます!


I kind of agree with this, except that maybe it would be easier to implement if there was a “Slow Replay” button or feature of some kind, which used YouTube-style speed controls to slow down the audio (say down to 75% speed) without affecting the pitch at all. Then all the recordings could have this feature built into them.

Then, in the future, perhaps recording two actual versions in addition, since there are probably actual differences in the way one would say things when said slowly vs. when said at normal conversational speed. But, in the meantime, just having a ‘slow replay’ feature would be a great start.

Ah! There is?! Did not know that!