When will "Grammar in the Wild" return?

I thought this series was really good practice in terms of translation and cementing grammar points. It’s taken quite a long hiatus and doesn’t seem to be returning. I understand that the development staff have been busy with adjusting the site and other things. Is there a heads up for when this might possibly return? Maybe after the new year?



Hi there, and thanks for reaching out, and for letting us know that you enjoyed Grammar in the Wild! One of the main reasons we stopped in the first place was due to the low interest from the community in a time that we were also really focusing on content development and polishing the site. We would definitely love to start it up again some time in the future, especially if we are able to include more signs/notifications etc rather than just manga. Hopefully after we have come up to date with some of the content creation that we have in our backlog at the moment!

P.S The burger in your profile pic looks so dang good :drooling_face:


Granted I didn’t participate much, one of the things I stopped was when it really stopped being “in the wild” and became “in manga”.

If it were to return, I’d love to have some more variety on it.


I need to stop lurking so much and actually engage more. :grimacing:


Can’t speak for everybody but I think this would make it much easier for people to engage with. More grammar you would see “in the wild” rather than “grammar” we were able to find in the wild, if you know what I mean.