Which "path" did you pick? Or none at all?

Just curious in general. Or do most not use the paths and just go with Bunpro’s order? I selected Genki but honestly maybe I should just go with Grammar ----> Lessons and do the Bunpro order so that I’m not required to finish a text book chapter before learning a new grammar point here. Or do people find finishing chapters first essential/best practice?

I just don’t know what I’m doing, basically. So I’m curious what other people do.


i set genki 1 as my primary path and after i finish it i will set genki 2. the only reason i did that is because i have already completed genki 1 in school as well as half of genki 2 so i figured i should review that stuff. although i plan to use them as my main paths i find that the best and most fun method for me is to select grammar points to study/review as i see fit. im jumping all over the place just picking what sounds fun/easy along with the occasional more challenging ones. i also like to go over to the minna no nihongo and tae kim paths and select low level grammar points to study/review. im finding it to be a very chill way to study as of right now. im not overdoing it and generally selecting about 3-6 new grammar points per day. its cool to see what different textbooks/sites consider to be beginner/low level grammar. i dont see the reason to stick to just one path to be honest!


I’m going the BunPro order, with additional readings with Tae Kim and Genki I for right now. I felt that BunPro was the most approachable in how to start with grammar because Genki and Tae Kim were a bit too dry for my method of self learning, but they still had really good explanations on a lot of the concepts.


Initially because I didn’t know at the time (or it didn’t exist) I did bunpro order. Then when I found out about paths I did genki 1, 2 then Tobira

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I re-wrote my notebook (which originally followed Tae Kim, Genki 1+2 and some other books + classroom lessons). As I was re-writing everything, I would add the grammar point manually on Bunpro. (My though was that this way, I will not have duplicate grammar notes :smile: plus Bunpro is my digital SRS )

Now, I follow a specific JLPT grammar book eg Kanzen Master N3. When I find new grammar (that I have not added on Bunpro), I will find that specific grammar point in every book I have and add a sticky note to know that I have done it and copy some explanations and sentences. (If something is not available on Bunpro yet, I would make an Anki card to have an extra digital way of SRS).

From time to time, I would just make notes and add grammar points on Bunpro to fill the levels as not everything is in textbooks.

Over time, daily review count becomes more important. Some weeks, I don’t add anything new. Some weeks I add 50+ grammar points. As long as my daily reviews are bellow 60ish, I am happy to add more stuff…

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Back in my day they didn’t have paths! :older_woman:

But for real, I got so used to following Bunpro’s order through ‘Lessons’ that I’ve just stuck with it. I sometimes bounce around out of order if a grammar point has come up enough during reading/other studies, but for the most part, I go in order.

My suggestion for you: try something out and see how it goes. You can follow along with a textbook, and if it doesn’t work out, you can switch up your game plan. Nothing is lost in trial and error, and you’ll get a better idea of a work flow that works best for your needs. :slight_smile:


I mainly use the Bunpro order because the example sentences for every grammar point are written so that they include examples of previously learned grammar points too. But that won’t work if you “skip ahead”.

For example, say I happen to know an N2 grammar point but my overall level is N5. If I add the N2 grammar point to my reviews, the example sentences I’ll be getting will include various N4 and N3 grammar points which I won’t understand! So I’ll be unable to comprehend the examples without help and will thus miss out on one of Bunpro’s coolest features.

That said, because I’ve picked up various grammar points from various sources outside of Bunpro, I do find it beneficial to jump around and add those to my reviews whenever possible (so I’ll be able to practice them). But whenever I do that, I first read all of the example sentences to make sure that I can understand them (meaning they must not include too much “advanced” grammar). If I can’t, I bookmark the grammar point but don’t add it to my reviews.


This is a really good point.

Back when I was adding new grammar on a regular basis, I always handpicked whatever seemed to be the easiest 2-3 grammar points each and every day.

This was a super effective approach for me because even when I was nearing the end and only had a small pool of new grammar to choose from, each point still only felt like a simple baby step.


I went with bunpro’s order at the start when I was adding grammar points quickly that I was already supposed to know (I found bunpro too late). After that I picked easy and/or interesting grammar points by hand until I ran out of both.

I think bunpro’s order is a good idea if you’re learning these grammar points for the first time; that just wasn’t the case for me. I’m the type who reads dictionaries from front to back so I had seen most of the grammar on bunpro before but just hadn’t made an effort to learn it.


I’m sticking with the default Bunpro path for now~

Like @Lamster mentioned, I’ve picked up various grammar points outside of Bunpro, so I also jump around and add them to my reviews.

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Which path do you use the most often?

  • Default Bunpro
  • Genki I
  • Genki II
  • みんなの日本語 I
  • みんなの日本語 II
  • Tobira
  • Tae Kim

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Out of curiosity, I thought a poll was in order for this type of question.

I was hoping they would add kanzen master range, does anyone know the status of this?


Speaking of paths, we have paths for JLPT N5, N4, N3.
Can we also have a path for JLPT N1?
Been looking at New Authentic Japanese: Progressing From Intermediate to Advanced.


To take the Bunpro path where do I go? it’s in Bunpro Grammar? or is it study?

The Bunpro path is the default option if you don’t choose a path from the path’s button.
I’ve never tried any of the other paths, so I’m not sure what it’d look like when you do choose a non-Bunpro path.

Bunpro Grammar refers to all the grammar that the Bunpro path has.

It definitely would be less confusing if Bunpro added a button under paths to make it more clear but it’s sort of redundant, I guess…

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Which resource do you recommend if someone takes the Bunpro path? I was trying to use Taeking along the default path but it felt kind of disconnected

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Currently, I’m kinda just using the outside resources that Bunpro links in their grammar points. I’m on N3 right now, and the majority of the previous questions I knew just from watching years of anime and listening to anisong, so I was able to match them pretty quickly.

Other than that, I’d recommend this website:

Despite the name, this website has amazing grammar video lessons and it made verb conjugation so much easier to understand for me.

I hear there’s an ultimate learning japanese resources somewhere? If so, let me know so I can link this website~

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I also don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ve begun following the Bunpro path recently. I first started with the Tae Kim path because I started reading that, but recently I’ve been watching Cure Dolly’s videos on Youtube, and I’ve found that I like building up from super basic grammar rather than jumping into conversational grammar like Tae Kim does.

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I use bunpro in addition to tobira so I picked the tobira path. But I also study grammar that’s not from tobira but important for my level.