Why does some of them things have add to review, but others only have mark as mastered?



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If it only has “Mark as Mastered”, I’m assuming you’re inside the Learn page (https://bunpro.jp/learn).
If you visit an individual Grammar Point (e.g. here if you haven’t already studied it) it should have the “Add to Reviews” button on it.

That’s because when you do a batch of items through the Learn system, you add it to Reviews at the Quiz at the end of Learn anyway.

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Should I not be clicking “Mark as Mastered” then? If I do that it will be added to the reviews automatically? I just assumed mark as mastered was this websites way of saying “completed”.

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It will mark it as ‘Mastered’, which means that you will never study it/be tested on it again.

The proper path is to get to the end of the queue of Grammar/Vocab and then test it through the Quiz!