Words you have learned today

There are similar topics but I thought that one where you can log what and how many words you have learned each day maybe can help with motivation and taking a look at what you have accomplished each day.

Maybe you can also keep a tally of “total words logged”, write a sentence with it and of course, learn other words by looking at what other people post.

Of course logging EVERY single word is impossible, so even just posting a couple that you found interesting or stood out to you is perfectly fine!

I’m starting with these, from various NHK Easy Web articles

Total words logged: 5

専門 せんもん specialty
神秘的 しんぴてき misterious
堀 ほり moat
石垣 いしがき stone wall
軽石 かるいし pumice stone (I find this one funny because of the kanji used)


hahahaha i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that vocab was constructed, how odd yet funny.

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