Wrong/Old Reviews keep popping up

Hello, so I have recently come back to Bunpro after a long break and I have decided to restudy N3 grammar for the JLPT test in July. To do this I reset all of the N3 grammar (and some N2 grammar) I had previously studied.

But for some reason N2 grammar and N3 grammar that I don’t currently have in my reviews keep coming up. This is quite frustrating as I will be thinking about grammar that I have added but never get the answer right. Only for it to be an N2 grammar or an N3 grammar point that I don’t have in my reviews.

Is there anyway to stop this? I had even reset my entire profile and manually added all the N5 and N4 grammar back onto my profile.

I’m guessing they are ghosts? I don’t know if turning off then on ghosts will get rid of them or reset them in some way. But a temporary solution would be turn off ghost reviews, I’d think.

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Thanks, I will try that out!

Sometimes my profile also shows all of N3 and like 1/4 of N2 added to my reviews, aka with the red seal on them. I am guessing these are the reviews before my reset. It is just difficult to see which N3 grammar is from now or back then.

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I think @conan is right on the money with this one, Ghosts live in a separate Queue so it’s very likely they didn’t get reset with the N2/N3 Reset you did. To wipe those out you’re going to need to do a Ghost-specific Reset.

Could you give that a shot and let me know if it worked?

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Unfortunately that didn’t work. I am still getting N2 grammar points in my reviews and when I look on my grammar page it says that I have completed all of N3. Although on my profile home page it shows 11/219.
[It seems to be random when I load up my grammar page as to what grammar is shown as complete/review/none. Sometimes all of N3 is completed. Sometimes N4 is only half complete. Sometimes it shows the correct reviews- all n5/n4 and 11 N3]

If you look, it shows that my reviews should be 17. But on the actual review page it is 42. (It was 54 yesterday. So i really don’t know what is happening)

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Contacted the devs, it should be fixed now! Let me know if the problem persists!

Hello, thanks for all your help! It is still happening. I am still getting N3 grammar from lessons I had completed pre reset, but are not in my current reviews.

I think I have found the problem. It seems that it is my own custom sentences (of grammar I have deleted from my reviews/reset) that are still being added to my reviews!

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There’s an irky bug with Custom Sentences, good job hitting the nail in the head! Let me report it to the devs, I’ll get back to you as soon as it is fixed. Thank you!

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