Yet another paypal sub not updated thread

I’ve tried to sub using paypal just over a day ago, seems like that was a mistake :confused:
I’ve emailed support, but heard nothing back, some help would be swell

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Hey and welcome on the community forums! :partying_face::+1:

I am sorry for the delay! I have contacted the person responsible! :+1:

I hope it helps,

Any idea on how long it’ll take to hear anything back? Still nothing on my end

Same here I payed on PayPal and have been billed but just have lite version privileges. Is there anything I need to do to change this?

If your paypal email is different from the one you use here, you’ll need to email them with your paypal transaction ID. Send a mail to [email protected]

For me, it took around 4 days, but that’s mostly because a weekend rudely inserted itself in there, it’s actually pretty quick for manual intervention. Keep in mind they’re operating on JST, so it’s UTC+9