30 New Grammar Discussions Every Week


I was wondering why BunPro creates about 30 new grammar discussion threads a week of grammar that already has those discussion threads. I usually go through all of them (I hate number notifications) and often find a few of grammar that I have already done. Won’t this get rid of the existing discussion in older threads? Those are often quite useful. What is the added benefit of doing this?

Those grammar discussions are the “official” threads for the grammar points that you study in the SRS. Each grammar point in the SRS is linked to the forums, so when you click on that forum link during study/reviews, you’ll land in that grammar discussion where you can ask questions specifically for that grammar point (structure, example sentences, bugs during review etc.). The grammar discussion also has a link that opens the grammar point in the SRS. So people can easily reach both sides, the SRS from the forums and the forums from the SRS.

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That I understand, however I have seen threads being produced for items of which I know there are already threads available.

I distinctly remember going through this thread more than a month ago, and now it seems it has been created 10 days ago

I could also be seeing ghosts, but I was wondering if I was correct.

FYI, there’s a button to dismiss all the new topics.

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There is?

Yeah, if you look at the view that shows you all new topics there’s a button.

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Ah man… I have been using these type of forums for almost a year and i only found out now. :expressionless: Thanks though, that’ll help.

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