Adjective[て] + B (Qualities・States) - Grammar Discussion

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  • い-Adj.[ ] → → く + B
  • な-Adj.[ ] + B
  • Noun[ ] + B
  • Exception: いい → よく + B

[The て-form is often used to link qualities/states of someone or something. This particular use of て does not imply a sequence of events/time]
[When modifying a noun, unlike in English (Order of Adjectives), there is no particular order in which adjectives should be placed, but usually い-adjectives are found closer to the noun]

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Hi there,

What is B? I’ve not seen it before and it’s not in the structure legend.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure but I think B just represents the second half of this sentence that the adjective in the て form connects to?

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