Badge overview

We’ve already had a discussion thread for all matter of badges over at :

But I thought it would be quite nifty if we could provide an overview of any badges out there and the condition to get them all in one nice post. I’m going to start by adding stuff, but please do add any others you have that I haven’t mentioned!

Experience Badges
ID Badge Condition
1 image300x348 Earn 10 Exp
2 image300x347 Earn 100 Exp
3 image300x347 Earn 1.000 Exp
4 image300x347 Earn 5.000 Exp
5 image300x347 Earn 9.000 Exp
6 image300x347 Earn 10.000 Exp
7 image300x347 Earn 12.390 Exp
8 image300x347 Earn 20.000 Exp
9 image300x347 Earn 29.030 Exp
10 image300x347 Earn 40.000 Exp
11 image300x347 Earn 60.000 Exp
12 image300x347 Earn 80.000 Exp
13 image300x347 Earn 100.000 Exp
14 image300x347 Earn 123.900 Exp
15 image300x347 Earn 150.000 Exp
16 image300x347 Earn 200.000 Exp
17 image300x347 Earn 250.000 Exp
18 image300x347 Earn 300.000 Exp
19 image304x347 Earn 400.000 Exp
20 image300x347 Earn 500.000 Exp
21 image304x347 Earn 600.000 Exp
22 image300x347 Earn 619.500 Exp
23 image300x347 Earn 700.000 Exp
24 image300x347 Earn 800.000 Exp
Level Badges
ID Badge Condition
25 image300x309 Reach Level 10
26 image300x309 Reach Level 20
27 image300x309 Reach Level 30
28 image300x310 Reach Level 40
29 image299x309 Reach Level 50
30 image299x309 Reach Level 60
31 image300x309 Reach level 70
32 image299x309 Reach Level 80
33 image300x307 Reach Level 90
34 image302x309 Reach Level 100
Medal Badges
ID Badge Condition
55 image300x300 Purchase Lifetime Membership
59 image300x300 Use BunPro for a year
60 image300x300 Use BunPro for two years
61 image300x300 Use BunPro for three years
62 image300x298 Link your WK API key
63 image500x500 Joined the community event “Race Around Japan”
65 image500x500 Joined the community event “Race Around The World”
Achievement Badges
ID Badge Condition
? image300x347 Do 10 Cram Sessions
42 image300x347 Kill a ghost review
43 image300x347 Kill 50 ghost reviews
44 image300x347 Kill 100 ghost reviews
58 image300x346 Kill 200 ghost reviews
45 image300x347 Do reviews 10 days in a row
46 image300x346 Do reviews 20 days in a row
47 image300x347 Do reviews 30 days in a row
48 image300x347 Do reviews 60 days in a row
49 image300x348 Do reviews 100 days in a row
? image300x347 Do reviews 200 days in a row
? image300x346 Do reviews every day for a year
66 image500x500 Streak 500
67 image500x500 Streak 700
68 image500x500 Streak 1000
64 image500x500 Be selected as translator of the month in the “Grammar in the Wild” thread

Missing the one year streak badge :sunglasses:


Among many other streak / ghost / other badges :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to add them though, it’s a wiki!


You may need to update them all in the near future…


Would be more than happy to! :stuck_out_tongue:


I got 2 more Badges for you for now

Achievement Badges

image 100 Ghosts

image200 Ghosts

Streak spoilers


Medal badge




@Sasugasm and @conan Thanks, added!


That sounds exciting! Though then this thread can include a nice “historical” badges section.


Yay, so I have all of them except the 2 new ones. Please create a 4-year badge (before the end of March next year :rofl: ) and a 1000-day streak badge would be lovely too :joy:
EDIT - still missing level 100 and the last couple of XP ones.


Actually all badges have a sequential internal ID (you can see it in the “Badges” page source code), I added them to the wiki post (except those I don’t have).
And looks like there are more of those badges than we already know!

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Will there be any opportunity to get no longer obtainable badges? I did some traveling and race around Japan and the world both came and went


Hey an welcome on the community forums @Bellissimo :partying_face:
No worries, those will be likely cyclic activities, and everyone will have a chance to have fun
and get the badges :+1:



Finally the “World Race” badge could be added :partying_face: