Better Statistics

I really like the app! But there could be some aditions that could make the app even better.

  • I would love more in depth statistics (show time spent in app, how many repetitions, how many rights wrongs etc.)
  • Also I would be nice to see during grammer exercies when the next card will appear since for me as a newer user I have no clue how long thoose cards of a grammer points are spaced. (Would be nice to maybe even edit the spacing of each level)

I’m not sure if it’s okay to mention but I really like the amount of information I get in Anki even though the statistic ui looks not that great.


This doesn’t fully answer your question/address your suggestion, but the review spacings are available when you hover over the SRS stages in Your Progress.

The full chart is in the FAQ under What is Review SRS? → Learn more about SRS intervals → Bunpro SRS chart.

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That’s already interesting to see thanks!

I’m on the mobile version and there it doesn’t seem to show the spacing while hovering but now I know.


It’s possible that this feature is part of the recent Dashboard 2.0 update, which might still be in the Beta stage. You can try opting into the Beta in your Account Settings. Not sure if that’s the issue, but might be worth a try. (The Beta is quite stable, and includes several other nice features, too.)


Thank you for the feedback!
We get a lot of Anki users asking for more in-depth stats, so it’s definitely something we’re aware users want!

Also good to see some quality discussion, and giving some help to a new user :heart:

@lars48792 @wct Dashboard 2.0 is fully out of Beta – the hover-to-see-SRS-intervals is probably just not supported on the mobile app at the moment as it was kind of something I added last minute during that Beta cycle.
Will ask our mobile dev about it :ok_hand: