Bunpro SRS Timing and Categories

Hey people at Bunpro!

I’d like to ask a quick question that I’ve been gnawing on for a while, regarding the Grammar Items’ SRS timing and categories.

Here’s a quick screenshot for reference.

After using (and loving!) the platform for about a year, I’ve realized that none of my Grammar items have been burned yet. By this point, most of the early levels’ content would have already been past due for burning in other systems (such as Wanikani), so I’m not sure if the difference comes through a difference in SRS timings, review quantities, the affluence of sample phrases, etc.

For other users that may be reading this question – is this something that has happened to you as well, should I expect those items to start burning soon, am I doing something wrong?

Best wishes, and godspeed!

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Hereby adding some additional context.

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I believe these are the intervals still, which I think would end up being 424 days in total (exactly yours studied lol) so assuming you haven’t missed any days I’d assume that you’ll be mastering a few here pretty shortly.


Your question has already been answered, but here is some additional information: