Bunpro Audio - September 19, 2021 Update!

Hi Everyone!

We have been doing our best to get a lot of the N1 audio recorded in a timely manner for the people that are planning on taking tests this year! :sunglasses:

With that said, 43 new N1 grammar points have just had audio added to them, and are live right now! The new audio covers all the way up to が早いか, which is the 11th grammar point in Lesson 9. This means that there are only a few grammar points that are yet to be recorded!

The remaining few grammar points that remain unrecorded will be finished by Sunday of this coming week, at which point all of N1 will be available! :partying_face:

As always, please feel free to send us feedback if you ever find any audio files that are not working properly, or there seems to be any issues with them. We want to provide the best user experience possible, so are happy to re-record things that are less than perfect. :v:

For the people that would like to download and use the audio files simply for listening practice, as always they can be found freely available here:


On behalf of the team,
Happy studying!


Thanks a lot as always!!!


Won’t be touching these points for a very long time but great stuff as always!!


Thanks for the update!

@Asher Is there any plan once the grammar points are catched up to add audio for the reading passages?


There are no plans at this present time, as most of the readings are a two way conversation that is quite long (It might sound a little strange if one person reads it). However, depending on what people want we would definitely be able to do it! (Even if it was only one person reading it for listening practice, rather than an immersive conversation).

If it was to be done, would you mind if (like the sentences) it was only one person reading?


I’d definitely not mind being done all by one but we now have another person adding lines with a male voice, so I guess it could be arranged if coordinated between the two VAs?

Also if the voices can be heard only by when the line is selected (after you read it yourself), it shouldn’t be as weird as if it’s read all in one go.


I’ve been going through all the N1 grammar points, and they are really awesome! I am thankful for all your guys’ hard work.

I noticed that the last 5 grammar points in Lesson 10 N1 don’t have audio yet. Will these get audio in a future update?


Sure will! Those last few grammar points were only added to the site after we had finished recording everything so far, so they will be added this week.