Bunpro Lifetime Sale 🎉


You might be thinking, “Didn’t you make this announcement already?” Well, we decided that waiting until January to hold our sale was just too long!

Starting today (December 17th), the Bunpro Lifetime Membership will be available for $120 (normally $150).

This will give you access to all current and future grammar for the lifetime of the site minus the cost of a yearly subscription! If you are upgrading from a monthly or yearly subscription, your account will be prorated for the time that you have not used.

This sale will end on January 7th, 2019.

Happy Holidays!


I’m all in for it !!! Thanks for creating such a great site. Looking forward to see how it continues to develop and how it will continue to accompany me during my Japanese journey :slight_smile:


Thank gosh. I was going to be on vacation up until the very last day of the sale. I actually made a reminder on my phone so that I wouldn’t forget to buy it when I came back. But now I don’t have to worry. : )

Bunpro is a wonderful resource and I think it has a lot more potential to change and grow. I look forward to using it through N2, N1, and beyond! : D




I will check again later, at the moment I can’t access the subscription page.


@Ambo100 @lopicake
I have forwarded the issue to the programmers!


@Andulien Thank you for all of your continued support! We hope that we can live up to your expectations. Cheers!

@lopicake Thank you for becoming a Lifetime Member and for having faith in us. We hope that we do not disappoint. Cheers!

@Ambo100 We apologize for the inconvenience. The subscription page should be functioning properly now. Please let us know if you continue to experience and difficulties. Cheers!


I still have the same problem, the subscription link in the menu takes me to:


This still gives me the same error


Lifetime member now (for two days)! <3


Thank you very much! :partying_face:


Can we get different badge colors like WaniKani does?


Sorry about that! It should be good to go.

@seanblue I can make that happen! Not sure what a good color is though…


I kind of like the red of the BunPro stamp when you finish lessons/lesson groups. But you could put it to a poll maybe?


Do you also have a poll thread in here? :scream:


Should make it the same colour as WaniKani since I bet most of the users will be using both resources anyway.


I don’t understand the appeal of having differently colored badges for lifetime subscribers. What exactly is the motivation here? Congratulating ourselves that we paid for something? That’s not exactly an achievement (compared to the badge with the user’s level, which I very much like).
I am not against differently colored badges, but having a binary separation between lifetime and non-lifetime just seems completely unnecessary. I can see this only resulting into two things:

  1. Putting pressure on everybody who is non-lifetime because their badge is just not as dope. I’ll understand if that makes sense for the devs from a financial perspective, although I have my doubts that they actually make more money with lifetimers.

  2. Introducing some hierarchy, some two-class system that’s solely based on who paid more money (at least in one chunk). Do you really want that here?

If there’s really a strong wish for differently colored badges, why not just give everyone the choice to select a color from a list. Or maybe something at least a bit more merit-based, like say a different color depending on how long you’ve been a member.


I agree that it’s not a necessity, but:

I think the Wanikani community proved already as a test audience how these don’t happen :slight_smile: The hierarchy definitely comes from the level, which is fair.


I have no idea if the different colors actually makes WaniKani more money, but it certainly does create buzz and conversation around it.

Personally, I just like it because I’m a curious person. :slight_smile:


I don’t see how the wanikani community is prove against any of my points. Just have a look at the most recent lifetime sale thread over at the WK forum and the pride and exceptionalism that people emanate when they feel they have to announce that now they are purple! I understand it’s all in a joking manner, but I stand by my statement that this puts non-lifetime members under at least mild pressure (obiously not everybody as I wrote earlier, but at least some). This might be not so easy to see for those of us who are already lifetime members.

And besides, the only argument that I heard so far in support of introducing differently colored badges is that @seanblue is a curious person, which is fair. :slight_smile:


No more $90 sale? =/


@MissDagger Woohoo! You rock! Thank you for becoming a Lifetime Member. Cheers!

@seanblue, @lopicake, @Luffy, @nantoka, and @jprspereira Thank you all for your discussion and feedback on badge colors. We will continue to give it some thought and get back to you all. Cheers!

@nicsoh Sorry, no more $90 sale. :sweat: However, your account will be prorated for the amount of time you have not used, so it will kind of be like an extra little sale? :smile: