Bunpro Mobile App - Major Update

Version 0.3.0+25

Major Changes

Native reviews:

  • Now you can review your grammar/vocab natively, instead of via a webview. This should be more responsive, faster and better fit the style of the app.
  • To access native reviews, open the hamburger menu (the menu button on the left side of the app bar) and tap on ‘Native reviews’.

Faster downloading

  • When you open the app for the first time, a lot of data has to be downloaded. With the newer version of the app this process will be much faster.


  • Now, when you report a bug from the app, the logs will be attached to the email message making the bug fixing faster. Logs do not contain any personal information, only settings and errors that have been reported by the app.

Other Changes:

Reset Data

  • Reset data button has been added to settings, which redownloads all the data. It can be used in case of some critical data problems.

Smoother animations

  • Some animations were replaced with smoother ones. The app should feel more snappy now.

Ghost Reviews

  • Add ‘ghosts reviews’ subsection in the review section of the dashboard

Add data download indicators

  • Now when data is downloading from the internet, the visual indicator is present instead of an empty screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue when Chinese font was used instead of Japanese one, which was especially problematic for some characters
  • make the text more even
  • numerous other bugs fixed

Thank you all very much for providing feedback! Thanks to you, we have been able to fix bugs faster and add new interesting features. The app is still a work in progress, but we are on our way to make it better.

Please keep sending us all of your feedback as often as you like, we look at all of it, and are using it to make the app more user-friendly by the day! :partying_face:


I wouldn’t call that Reset Data, as it can be confused at first glance with the account reset.

How about Reset Cache?

Great work with the updates as always!


Good idea!


Also something minor, there’s a visible escaped \’ in the loading tips


And a quick question, is immersion coming to the app?

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Yeah, sooner than later probably.


Yay, I love the idea of native reviews. I just tried it out for a couple of minutes. A couple of things I noticed right away.

The green (and some of the red text) is very bright for someone using dark mode.

After submitting a wrong answer I like to compare the right answer to what I typed side-by-side by looking up and down, but it seems to only show the right answer.

Re-adding focus mode would be welcome.

Having the bar at the top also fill with wrong answers using a different color would be helpful. I like to chunk my reviews by using the wrap up button periodically, and this option would help me to pace my reviews. (this is a new feature request)

Related to the above one, it would be nice to choose the size of a batch of reviews, similar to how you can choose the size of the batch of new grammar (new feature request)

Re-adding wrap-up button would be welcome.

And once everything is the same as the website, is the plan to replace the review button with native review permanently? (this would be welcome)

Edit to add:

The ‘Read’ button seems to work in the Reading Practice section, where it had stopped working for me before, awesome.

Also, the text lines up much better now, awesome.

The ‘Highligh’ button has been spelled wrong

Would it be possible to have a visual indicator as I scroll the stories to see which ones have been read? Or section them off?

Last, will vertical text be coming to the app?

Edit #2:

After study sessions I end up needing to open up a web browser so I can check the review forecast. Will this be coming to the app? (I also love the multi-colored bars on the website too)

Thanks for always turning out a fantastic product guys. And your eagerness for feedback is exemplary!


I can’t get a recording of it, but the screen flashes slightly lighter when reviewing in native and in dark mode, in iPhone.

Not sure if that’s only me? But that’s the only app that it’s doing it.

When I try to do native reviews, I get stuck on this screen forever (Android)


Have you tried doing the reset app data thing on settings?

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Could you try opening the review screen and then returning to the dashboard and using “report a bug” in the menu that opens after you tap on the icon on the top-left?


That didnt work, unfortunately

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Done reviews dont go away.
Reseting cache don’t work.
Removing data works, but issue happens after the next batch of reviews.

Loading the reviews in webview is stuck on “loading reviews”.
Reviews appear in the native mode, I won’t do any to test it out.


@Fabi02 @whinette You might need to do a full reinstall. With the scope of the changes I experienced some of these as well and a reinstall seemed to fix them.

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It doesn’t work for me.
Android app, v. 0.3.0+22

That makes more sense now! The latest build is +25. The production version on the playstore is still in review which is why you are seeing +22.


Thanks, I’ll wait and report back. :slight_smile:

I am missing an important feature on native review, the srs level.
My use case:
If for a srs6+ I don’t have the answer in a few seconds I automatically fails it.
For srs 4-5 I give me more time.
For 2-3, I am a lot more lenient.


I’ve added it to our development log to do :+1:

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I have a similar experience on iOS under other circumstances.

If I do the reviews in other device/PC, the reviews won’t go away even after reloading the front page. Clicking on the reviews button just leaves it loading forever.

I have to close the app and relaunch it to notice that there are no more reviews.

Not related to this version, but another feature I miss from the app is the review forecast. Is it in the backlog somehow?