Bunpro Summary Page

Could someone help me to understand what the numbers on the Summary Page represent?
I couldn’t seem to find this information anywhere when I looked.

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I think it’s just (correct)/(total) for your last session.

Thank you for your reply however I can tell your answer is incorrect; often I have numbers above 100 even though I have not had a session that large.

It is interesting people don’t seem to have an answer for this and that it is not documented anywhere.

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What numbers are you talking about? You can see in my summary screen that the 13/20 here corresponds pretty clearly to the correct and total items below.

Post a screenshot of your dashboard and we can help you out more.

Yes, same numbers, we are talking about the same items.
My question is what are those numbers/items as they do not correspond with either the number of grammar points studied that session, that day or overall?

Can anyone answer this?

In the last 24 hours.

Thank you Jacob.
So if you don’t study for 24 hours this should go to zero? This doesn’t appear to be the case for me.
Where did you get this information from, where is this documented?

If that doesn’t appear to be the case, then you should report it in bugs. I know I’ve seen BP staff before say the summery page shows the last 24 hours of reviews (and that is not calendar days, but actually 24 hours from when you did the review it should disappear, as far as I understand), but I couldn’t tell you where, somewhere on the forum.

Here is a link to the bug topic: Feedback - Bug Reports

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Thank you for clearing this up for me.
Appreciate all your responses.