Bunpro Vocab Decks (Announcement) - Mar/29/2024

I’ll send you a pm with a full list of the ones I find after having read as far as my free e-book trial allows me to. for now I’ve found another one. 「この国がどこにあったのか,…」should most likely just be the past tense for ある, but shows up as 似合う in the deck.



Is the tool capable of handling set phrases and compound verbs?

I’ve just encountered ‘手をつける’ in よつば (page 14, bottom right-hand frame). In スーパーカブ there are quite a few compound verbs that show up as components in the vocab deck (盛り足す or 切り崩す come to mind).

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It sure can. We just need to add ones that are missing. Some of them are not actual sayings, while some of them are. For example 盛り足す is not a standard saying, it’s just something the author has made up to add emphasis. In most cases, we’ll only add the ones that are actual phrases to the decks (to save people remembering something which is not normal Japanese).


I think I get it, but just to clarify — when you say “the thread” do you mean this thread, or the thread for the specific book?

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The thread for the specific book. Sorry for not clarifying :bowing_man:

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Also, i was thinking about vocab decks separated by categorys, like : politics, health, labor, geography, weather, finance etc., which might be of more value to have in a general sense.

But sure, book decks sounds cool aswell.


We have thought about doing this one a few times. Realistically it will probably come after users are able to make their own decks, as everyone will be able to put their own tags on things from among a list of common tags that we create. The main reason why we will probably do it this way is due to it being highly likely that different people will tag things in different ways, so this will be the easiest to get tags that the majority of people agree on.

For example, with country names, some people may put them in politics, while others put them in geography, while others still may put them in dedicated katakana decks. If we let people tag everything themselves, we’ll end up with categories that the majority of people at least somewhat agree on.



Just wanted to report two words that I-ve been unable to find in スーパーカブ vocab deck: さほど (然程) in pages 13 and 14 and このんでそう (好んで) in page 16.

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We switched decks to now show furigana over kanji on each item.

This will better allow you to use the deck as a furigana reading aid alongside the book (if you need it).



I would like to add some more items to the previous list of missing words in スーパーカブ vocab deck:

  • らしき (in 他に従業員らしき人間)
  • 松本 (city in Nagano)
  • 損になる as a set expression
  • 生活用品 as a noun in its own
  • 塗れ (in 埃まみれのシートを雑巾で拭いてから)
  • 腰が引ける as a set expression

Hi! Is it possible to search a word across all bunpro decks ?

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Hi again!

Just wanted to add some more items, from chapter 2 ‘カブを買いました’:

  • はたき (叩き), for ‘dusting’, which 小熊 does before sitting on her new bike (ジャージズボンの尻をはたき)
  • いいかも (いい鴨)
  • ステップ appears in the deck as ‘steppe’ (Hermann Hesse cross-over!?), though it should be ‘running board’
  • パイプ椅子 (in 小熊にテーブル前のパイプ椅子を勧めた爺さんは、)
  • 書類棚 (in the second part of the previous sentence, 背後の書類棚から何枚かの紙を取り出した)
  • 黄ばむ (in 黄ばんだ学科試験の問題集)
  • 問題集 (same sentence as above)
  • 愛想笑い (相変わらず愛想笑い一つしない)
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Maybe Content → Vocab/Vocab Search

image image

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I can’t begin to say how great this is… I have always despised intensive reading, not as a technique per se, but because I lose focus and interest when I have to stop to look up words. However, learning from extensive reading is a lot slower.

Having the Bunpro deck opened next to the kindle app means I can use it both as a makeshift dictionary and to immediately add new words to reviews. It really is a game-changer.

The next best step would be to have a drop-down menu for reviews, in the same fashion as the one introduced for the “learn” menu a few weeks ago. Having a shortcut to decide which decks to review, instead of lumping all of them together, would be really nice.

(I know I can already split grammar and vocab reviews, but maybe a further menu to split reviews from different vocab decks)

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You can do reviews from each deck separately.

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Thank you for you answer.

Yes, I know I can. But the very first thing I see on the dashboard with the review button is the global number of due reviews, which is a bit overwhelming, and I can’t choose from there which deck to review.

I admit I might be lazy, but a shortcut similar to the one in the “learn” review would be nice.


Thanks a lot!

When i search 車両 i got two results:
Vocab info : E1, and A4 Noun
Why are there two entries?


In both cases : There are no sentences available for this content
In the future, will we be able to add our own context sentences ?
(it says “Hold tight, context sentences are coming soon!”, but it doesn’t say “your own context sentences…” ?)

When learning words for extensive reading, i noticed that sentences from the book are not appearing in the deck example sentences. It could be great to be able to see them, maybe just for some “featured words” (most important from a comprehension point of view/theme). (be able to add them manually).

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I would like to add some words more, from chapter 3 this time:

  • 一息つく - to take a rest or to catch one’s breath (which 小熊 does a lot)
  • 手に入れる - to obtain, to get (the 原付 of course)
  • 頬が緩む - to grin (which 小熊 does inadvertently)
  • 目を覚ます - to wake up or to sober up
  • 悲鳴を上げる - to scream or to complain (小熊’s sweating leg muscles)

Sorry for the late reply for this one! Anything that comes up in a list titled E~ is incorrect. They are old ones on our database that came from a batch of words that were incorrectly added to the system. We are doing our best to get rid of them.


Added all of these and all of the previous ones you mentioned. They are just getting pur into our database atm, so as soon as they are in, I’ll replace the words in the decks with the correct ones. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: