Can't see word translations


I am new to Bunpro, and I would like the option to click on words to see a translation during grammar reviews.

However, when I click on a Kanji word, it shows the “use furigana” tick box rather than the translation (see screenshot).

Is there a way to change the setting, so I can see the word translation/definition?


There currently isn’t. but if I recall, they are working on it.
From this particular passage, you may be able to figure out the word by reading the sentence in english. (雨 mean rain, imagine it like a window with raindrops on it for easy rememberance ;))

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Good suggestion!
We already have this system for some of the Vocab in our site, however just not all of it.

^Here is an example of it when clicking on 大学生

The problem is that currently we have to manually tie/link each specific bit of text in the sentences to a word. This has been done for some words, but not many.

We are currently writing a parser to automate this – soon every Vocab and Grammar in a sentence will be linked properly!


Thanks for the responses, good to hear this is in development. I am keeping the sentence translation visible for now, so that helps (I might turn this off as my vocab improves).


In the meantime, consider installing a pop-up dictionary such as Yomitan/Yomichan to look up words on Bunpro and other webpages. Also, if needed, Yomitan/Yomichan can automatically generate Anki flashcards with audio, definitions, pitch accent, etc.

Here is some discussion about pop-up dictionaries from another post:

Another person in that thread uses 10ten Japanese Reader:

I can’t remember which guide I used to set up Yomitan/Yomichan, but here are some links to check out:

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