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Hello, was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a typical wait time after doing the contact support for an issue. Mainly, asking to see if I should just keep waiting or if I should perhaps try again since it has been a few days? I think, lol I already forgot when I sent it contact support thingy.

For those curious, I for some reason thought it was a brilliant idea to reset main reviews because I was like ‘That means main deck reviews, right?’ and alas, it did not just mean main deck reviews. I reset every single thing on Bunpro lol derp

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In my experience, response times range from “very long” to “forever” :sob: :woman_shrugging:

I am wondering whether they would actually be able to help you here, as there might not be backups available to restore your state before the reset.
But at least it would be helpful for other users to improve the UI so that it becomes clearer what’s supposed to happen, I guess…


Thankss for the reply! sigghh haha Ive been assuming as much :sweat_smile:


I believe they can’t help you, since it says this right on the reset page.


well it aint the end of the world to restart :sob: at least i can set it so it isnt from srs 1



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Hey there! The ticket system sometimes takes a bit to be fully processed, we’re working on making in better, but typically the forums are a much faster place to gain visibility on your issues/questions you might have for now.

If I understand correctly, the problem was that you made a full reset, thinking it would only apply to your main deck, right? There’s a couple of solutions we can implement but I’d like to first make sure that’s your main issue.

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Yes, that’s my main issue! Thanks for the reply! :grin:

Also, to add on to this, I started just redoing the reviews but changed the deck settings to have new grammar start at a higher SRS. I do not know if this will affect any of the solutions you said you can implement but I figured I should let you know.

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Bad news up front: We can’t undo any deletion actions.
I agree the wording on the Reset page can be confusing, there’s an update to it coming soon.

For now though, remember that you can always mark what you know as completed, and you can globally mark any deck’s SRS progress to a certain level, which from what I read is basically what you’re already doing.

On the Grammar Search, you can also individually select points and mark them as known through a single action. (This is only available in Beta, so you’ll need to opt in to use this, but if you are using decks, you should already be in the Beta!)

Let me know how that works for you!

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You mean, as fast as the responses I got for this post? :joy_cat:

hint: The post is from May 9th, and so far I got 0 responses…

Not gonna lie, you (as a company) still have a long way to go when it comes to customer service…


Hey! Sorry about that. Looks like we must have missed your feedback because it was a super easy fix and I have already pushed the changes for collapsing grammar sections.

As for cram, you aren’t supposed to be able to click on the tiles in cram to open them. Sorry that isn’t clearer.

In the future, please don’t hesitate to ping us if we don’t get back to you right away. Sometimes we miss feedback or it gets lost in all the feedback/suggestions that come in.

As a final note, we are working to adjust the systems we have in place because you are absolutely right, in the past we have had a tendency to oscillate between periods of 100% focusing on new content or features or 100% focusing on feedback. We are aiming to maintain a better balance of both going forward.


Thank you! :heart_eyes:

I hope it was equally easy to write an automated test for it in order to make sure that it doesn’t break again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, what’s a bit surprising is that if I fold some sections and then search, it will only search in the non-folded sections without any indication that this was just a partial search. As the search results don’t indicate (or group by) the JLPT levels, this might lead to misinterpretations (it sure did for me).

What I actually miss in this list is periods of 100% focusing on getting every feature spread out across all of the grammar points :wink:
At the moment (actually ever since Bunpro started) it feels like Code rant: The Lava Layer Anti-Pattern but with features instead of code - somebody came up with a good idea, started to implement it but didn’t get around to applying it to all grammar points. Then the next good idea came about, and so on. The one that trips me up the most at the moment is the missing “Hint” for a lot of the grammar points - it’s just incredibly difficult to distinguish different grammar points that mean the same thing (or that are not easily discernible when looking at the English translation) when there is no further indication.


There seems to be a duplicate grammar point here:

This one says (1) but there is no (2), let alone (3) :wink: