Do people notice replies to existing posts in this forum category?

Hey, this is a general question about this forum category (Grammar Points):

I posted a question as a reply to an existing post (see at について - Grammar Discussion), and I guess I’m slightly surprised that it hasn’t received any response at all. I’m wondering if this is because it’s a reply to an old post, and maybe most people don’t notice replies to posts they haven’t participated in, by default. So, maybe it’s ‘flying under the radar’, so to speak.

Thus, I thought I’d make this ‘full-fledged’ post to ask about it – and to test the hypothesis; if people interact with this post, maybe that’s what’s going on; otherwise, maybe there’s a different reason (people don’t notice activity in this category in general?).

So, generally: How is this forum category supposed to work? Is my grammar-point question just not interesting enough? Are the forums just low-activity in general? Etc.

Cheers! :blush:


One thing to note is that there aren’t that many regulars on here (but we do have them!), and not getting an answer within 24 hours is probably not an outlier (actually between posting the original reply and this post was even less than 24 hours, 18ish hours). Especially since BP staff will not post on weekends—they’re not working—(and you posted on a Saturday). This forum (as well as the WK forums) tend to be busier on weekdays rather than weekends, which also plays in. (Well, I should say you posted on Saturday in Japan time zone, maybe it was still Friday and some time before midnight where you are. ^^)

As to your question which I peeked at, I don’t have the knowledge to actually help with it conclusively so I don’t see a reason to post there. Hopefully someone else can help you. :slight_smile:

Edit: I see there was another question ahead of yours that didn’t get answered. Sometimes a question will be missed unfortunately, but usually you should get an answer on the grammar point threads, that is why they are there.


We don’t get notifications on our news feed from this category but it would be good if we did @Pushindawood @mrnoone


Hmmm… I didn’t realize that. I only saw this because it was a new thread, and then looking through latest and other things, it nor any other grammar point shows up. And they really should because I don’t want to be tracking all of them just to see interesting questions and replies (and to help when I can).

So yeah, please make this category show up in latest and such.

Ah! Silly me. Hadn’t even crossed my mind! :sweat_smile:

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I check this category often and ask questions. There are many good questions users ask and if there is something I’m capable of answering, I will try to give my 2 cents. mrnoone often gives really detailed responses but it may take some time and some of my questions have gotten lost too. There is the grammar question thread on WK which give quick responses given the traffic but is generally a mess when trying to archive the questions for future users or organize the discussions.